Athens Marathon Training: Calves, Coughs, and Complaints

14 Aug

For those of who could care less about running, there’s good news: I actually have some recipes to share later this week! Operation: Free Woman has me whipping up all kinds of good stuff.

For those of you who do like the running rundowns, we’ve got a whiny one today. I did something to my calves last week — not really sure what — and it took me most of the week to see even a little improvement. Just as they started to loosen up, the tickle in my throat went from a “little summer cold” to “does she have pertussis?” So, it was a week of winning some and losing some.

Athens Marathon Training Week 4: Calves, Coughs, and Complaints

Monday: Yoga @ Yoga Heights. My calves were so sore that most of my downdogs looked like this:

giphy (8).gif

Tuesday: Solidcore Arms & Abs followed by a 30 minute run. Calves still tight, had to hobble up the Harvard hill to get home. Not cute.

Wednesday: Had the wonderful treat of being able to catch a yoga class during lunch, and my calves were feeling a teensy bit better. Went for a 60ish minute run after work, and it turns out that whatever marginal improvement I felt in my legs would be overshadowed by the summer cold I had been harboring and was now ready to come tumbling out– I met my friends for dinner right after running and was in such a coughing fit I couldn’t eat and breathe at the same time. Still not cute.

giphy (9)

Thursday: MORE.DAMN.YOGA.  Listen, I like yoga as much as the next person who would rather be running than doing pretty much anything else, but by this point of the week, my calves were still killing me and the cough was getting worse. I walked out of this class like this:

giphy (11)

Friday: I intended to do my speed workout during lunch, but about half way through the second 1000, I realized that my HR had been in zone 5 since my warmup… turns out, when walking up the stairs makes you hack up a lung, pretty much everything becomes an anaerobic workout. I turned this run into a shake out run, and then just stretched the hell out of my calves.

Saturday: Woke up feeling like death warmed over. Slept in, then took a nap, then went to see BabyKef (who is about to have an ACTUAL baby!!!!!), and then went back to bed.

Sunday: Souped up on some Dayquil, I braved the world to meet Deb for a run. About 2 miles in, I was trying to figure out how to delicately tell a woman who had just driven from a different state just to do a long run with me that I was going to have to turn around and go home. But, then we met up and got to running and I realized I was actually feeling better than I had all week. My calves were loose and my lungs were holding up, and Deb was the hero of the day– she kept on running with me, even when I kept asking to take the long way around. We did a wonderful loop from the mall, past the Capitol, across the river and past the Big Chair, and then back to West Potomac Park. I was still feeling great once I dropped her at her car, so I tacked on another 2 miles and, wouldn’t you know it, I was at 18 miles! Another personal distance and time record.


Weeks to Race Day: 13
Total Miles This Week: 32
Gains: another distance milestone, appreciation for good health
Losses: another missed speed workout, no spinning, and minimal strength training this week. Womp womppp.


2 Responses to “Athens Marathon Training: Calves, Coughs, and Complaints”

  1. Courtney @ eat pray run dc August 14, 2017 at 11:02 am #

    Hope you are over both the calf pain and the cough! See you Saturday??

    • cookingupkefi August 14, 2017 at 11:04 am #

      same to you! The Evil Calf Elf was working overtime this week. Yes– Saturday is my plan!

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