Athens Marathon Training: Hot as Hades

24 Jul

Well my dears, it’s about that time: I’m officially in a training cycle for the 2017 Athens Marathon. After years of saying I’d never do a full marathon, my tune changed and I started saying things like, “If I ever do a full, I’d only do the ORIGINAL marathon in Greece” … and then I accidentally ran 16 miles with Courtney, and I soon found myself on a registration page half in Greek clicking “submit.” Looks like I’m running a full after all!

I can’t explain the appeal of training recaps, but I love reading them. There is nothing particularly enthralling about the recollection of miles, routes, and paces that OTHER people ran, but I guess it’s like shouting out the answers to Jeopardy at home– sort of feels as though you’re along for the ride. So, I’ll post my weekly training recaps and see how it goes … if I like writing them as much as I do reading ’em, I’ll keep posting. And if I get bored, well, I won’t.

In other news, there is ZERO chance that I will be able to keep up with the photographic requirement of recaps, so I think instead of running pics, I’ll just pick a theme for the week and post random ish I find at least tangentially related. And if that ain’t for you, you can just keep on scrolling.

Athens Marathon Training Week 1 : Hot as Hades

Hot as Hell.. None needed.. sums FORECAST traer. glenn beck you fail at life agian.

Sunday: Spin + Core at OffRoad. Andrew BROUGHT IT with some Rihanna and these high-resistance sprints that seemed to go on forever. Dead.

Monday: Solidcore Arms & Abs. My obliques still hurt.

Tuesday: 90 minute run that didn’t quite go as planned. I had been running at night to avoid (some of) the humidity, but I Tuesday night and didn’t start until almost 845 pm, which is pretty much BED TIME every other night. About 25 minutes in, I realized I also hadn’t eaten enough during the day and was pretty miserable. I took a break around 45 minutes to collect myself, and then made it to 65ish minutes before I needed to give myself another stern talking to. I took a different route home to try and get in a different head space, but just ended up cursing everyone and everything along the way: WHY is it so hot? WHY am I a human, not a self-cooling FemBot? WHO lets all these damn rats live on the mall at night? AND WHY THE HELL IS Q ST ONE WAY??!? It wasn’t pretty, but it — finally– ended. Glad that’s over.


Wednesday: Slept through yoga in the AM– after the previous night’s shenanigans, that was fine with me. Spinning with Katie at Off Road Cap Hill after work, which was FULL of long hills simulating stage 12 of the Tour De France. Death by bike, once again.

Thursday: 60 minute run — Determined to get back on my AM running schedule, I headed out Thursday morning thinking that this hour would just fly by. Wrong. It was (surprise!) hot as eff, so I took a few moments at the 45 minute mark to bring down my core temp/HR and generally fix my face. I wasn’t sad to see this run end.


Friday: rest day, for my body and brain. Needed to reset in a major way. I’ll take this opportunity to pivot on this week’s theme.. Mahershala Ali: so hot, and yet still so cool.


Saturday: 2 hour run — THIS HUMIDITY WILL NOT LET ME BE GREAT. I actually started out feeling good… way, way too good .. and ran the first 5 miles around ~845/mile. I just couldn’t get myself to slow down, even though I could feel my insides cooking and knew this was not at all sustainable for another 75 minutes. Luckily for me, I was running with a wonderful group of people who are infinitely more sensible about pacing than I am, and Deb, Courtney, and Dawn let me tag along with them for the second half of this gnarly run, and I was able to keep it at a pace reasonable enough to get the whole thing done.

Weeks to Race Day: 16
Total Miles This Week: 31.6
Gains: toughened up my mental game, recalled with clarity why I do not run at night
Losses: kissed a good amount of my self-respect and about a mile’s worth of energy goodbye in a mid-run temper tantrum on the mall


2 Responses to “Athens Marathon Training: Hot as Hades”

  1. Eat Pray Run DC July 24, 2017 at 11:27 am #

    I love this. Please keep doing recaps. They are the best and I laughed out loud many times reading this one. You are a rock star. And yeah – the rats on the mall at night realllllllllly turned me off running on the mall at nice. It’s so damn gross and I don’t appreciate the necessity for near-death pace speed intervals in my rat-avoidance panic mode. Not at all. But glad it’s not just me!

    • cookingupkefi July 24, 2017 at 5:45 pm #

      Haha you are too nice– I almost feel like we should do a she said- she said feature… Chrissy: and then Courtney found me on the trail, looking wild eyed and crazy. Courtney: she REALLY did look crazy…

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