2016 CuK Gift Guide

9 Dec

It’s time for another list of things I love that people you know might love, too. Wouldn’t be a CuK Christmas post, though, if I didn’t remind you that consumerism is a bunch of hype and really the gift we all desire and deserve is the generosity, empathy, and hilarity of our fellow human.

But, you know, on to the material ish:

For anybody who bakes:

Run Fast Eat SlowI already wrote about how much I love this book, and it is worth another mention. Give it to everyone you know to make sure your next Superhero muffin is never far off.

Image result for run fast eat slow

Dorie’s Cookies: The NYT calls this one of the year’s best baking cookbooks, and it’s dedicated entirely to cookies, so…liiiikkke…why haven’t you ordered it yet?

Image result for dorie's cookies

MilkBar Class: From the people who brought the world Crack Pie and Cereal Milk ice cream, these “bake the book” participation classes sound like absolute heaven. The perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn how to wow the pants off people with their baking prowess. Classes are $95 and held in NY and DC.


For people who actually have a personal aesthetic, and are totally into the copper/gold trend right now:

Copper Measuring Cups: I can’t vouch for the practicality of these guys, but they sure are pretty.


Elegant Mugs: I love that these match without matching–pretty much nailing the style I think I’m pulling off every day with my thrown-together outfits. 


A sophisticated oil/vinegar container: I’ve put one of these fancy little ditties on pretty much every CuK Gift Guide that I’ve put out, which is kind of hilarious because I just pour olive oil right out of my 1 gallon vat. But who wouldn’t love to serve their (obviously Greek) olive oil from one of these beautiful cruets?

Image result for Rings Small Oil and Vinegar Cruet

For your most Clarissa Darling-like friend:

I love these taco/hot sauce and unicorn/rainbow stud sets. Ladder for Sam and Fergbreath repellant sold separately.

For all your friends who live in an apartment too small for a dining table (except me, because my husband is obsessed with TV trays):

Couch Arm Table: Isn’t this just about the most brilliant thing you’ve ever seen?


For anyone down for inclusion and equal rights for people of all genders:

Feminist Apparel has a wonderful collection of hilarious, patriarchy-slaying Tshirts, some of which are safer for work than this one.


For the person who’s been wearing scrubs to work for the last 5 years and will soon have to dress like a real human:

Tieks— the super comfy, apparently-durable shoe you should buy for someone when the budget is no object. I know a few people who swear the $175 price tag is worth it because these guys can be worn all day, every day for both work and play…but I can’t say so myself, as I’ve been wearing the same (smelly) shoes to work for 4.5 of the last 5 years.

For Runners:

I could write ten runners-only gift guides, but I’ll try to pare it down to just a few:

Elite Marathoner Tank: Don’t we all want to channel our inner Kara?



The softest cold-weather headband: Warm ears, unsweaty forehead, can’t lose.

SquadGoals Pin: If you missed the way Amy Cragg supported Shalane Flanagan through the darkest miles of the 2016 US Marathon Olympic Trials, you missed one of 2016’s best moments in athletics and awesome women. Make sure your best running friend knows you’re down for the both the easy work and the tough times with this cute, budget-friendly pin.

Shalane And Amy Pin

For someone who really doesn’t need any more stuff and would rather send some money to people doing awesome work:

Blue Chip Animal Refuge: A favorite of my beloved grandmother.

International Rescue Committee: Doing some of the most important work in Syria right now.

Planned ParenthoodBecause God only knows what the next four years have in store for us (see also: friggin’ Ohio).

Black Lives Matter: If I have to say more, you probably haven’t been reading the blog long (welcome! read this, then come back and chat).

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