Things I Love that Are Fast and Mostly Healthy

6 Jul

With limited time for cooking these days, it would be easy to fall into the fast food crap trap. But, I’m not about that life. Here are some things I have been leaning on that are quick, mostly healthy, and widely available on the go.

Capello’s pasta

What to do when there’s less than two minutes to get lunch ready in the morning? Dump this grain-free pasta in boiling water and wait 90 seconds. Voila! I love this almond-based take on an old complex carb standby–nothing like a protein source that also feels like a treat.

Starbucks protein boxes (sans bread for gf, sans pb for sf)

On Tuesdays, I leave the house at 6, go to yoga, go to work, go to clinical, and then sit at Starbucks for 2 hours while I skype into class. I would need to carry the whole grocery store in my car to cover all those meals–instead, I rely on these little Bento box to get me through class before I can go home and eat something healthy. One egg, a few slices of cheese, some grapes, and half an apple (sliced) is juuuust enough to keep me from killing someone out of hunger. If you’re less “free” than me, you can also enjoy a little peanut butter pita.

Beyond Meat Vietnamese lemongrass “chicken” bowl

Speaking of things I’m generally not that into but have been using to make it through life (#survivalmode), this vegetarian frozen lunch is beyond delish. This probably stretches the outer boundaries of “mostly healthy”– who knows what chemical ish-storm people used to make this fake meat ditty so yummy–but once I am a nurse practitioner and have time on my hands to worry about health again, I will prescribe myself something really good to fix whatever 11th toe grows out of me after a year of eating these once a week. In the meantime, they taste worth it 🙂

Vietnamese Lemongrass With Beyond Chicken®

Amy’s Palak Paneer

While we’re talking frozen sodium, I try to fool myself into think I’m doing myself a favor by pairing a frozen meal with copious amounts of leafy greens. Among my very favorite lunches are Amy’s Palak Paneer or Amy’s Tamale Verde + a whole bin of spinach. HEAVEN. At least that 11th toe will be filled with iron-rich blood.

Indian Palak Paneer

Lara Bars

These guys are an old favorite– nothing beats ’em! My first love will always be cherry pie, but right now apple pie and I are having a pretty torid romp in the hay.

What are your favorite tricks to get through hectic times?

3 Responses to “Things I Love that Are Fast and Mostly Healthy”

  1. mary @ minutes per mile July 6, 2016 at 4:04 pm #

    “things I’m generally not that into but have been using to make it through life” – ha! our go-tos are hardboiled eggs and trail mix (i make a big old tub of it about once a month). as for packaged meals/snacks, i sometimes splurge on Late July crackers (definitely not “free,” sorry!), coconut water or sparkling water, EVOL frozen burritos, and KIND bars. also love Amy’s indian meals!

    • cookingupkefi July 6, 2016 at 6:26 pm #

      I have been eyeing those EVOL burritos– glad to hear they’re worth it! Look out for another edition of “health care providers who tell their patients one thing and do another.”

      • mary @ minutes per mile July 6, 2016 at 6:37 pm #

        yeah they’re pretty good. i mean, it’s silly that you pay $5 or whatever for rice, beans, tortilla, and tomato (which would cost like 50 cents at home). But — at least you’re not paying for freaky chemicals or anything!

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