Wedding Wednesday: Speeches, Surprises, and Signature Drinks

30 Dec

Thanks to everyone for their very kind words about the two previous editions of this multi-part wedding series. For those just joining, you can check out pre-wedding stuff here, and the ceremony here. Today, we’re covering my favorite parts of pretty much all weddings: speeches, surprises, and signature cocktails.

But before we get there, I need to do a major hat tip to MamaKef and HomebrewKef, who spent whole weekends crafting some awesome cocktail hour props:


MamaKef was the brains behind pretty much this whole operation, and we’ll do a whole post on the amazing details she churned out of Wedding Central. In the meanwhile, enjoy these posterboard polaroids:



KimmieKef used this opportunity to show off her ability to always find the best light:


While BabyKef and Jimmy2.0Kef redefined American Gothic:


All of these photos were fueled by the kind bartending staff at the Key Bridge Marriott, who were serving up our signature cocktails (sign beautifully arranged by PurplePenKef):


Now that the party had started, it was time for some fun. We asked JetSetKef and WokeUpLikeDisKef to emcee for us, and they did not disappoint. They had this great Amy Poehler-Tina Fey thing going on, and they totally killed it!


Likely the best part of their spiel was when WokeUpLikeDisKef introduced her mother as a “Cameroonian Booty.” Whoops! #sorrynotsorry


And JetSet caused his own controversy by mis-quoting MamaKef during his introduction of her– JetSet claimed that MamaKef’s most frequent exclamation during our childhood was “Jesus Christ!”… MamKef later corrected the record by testily pointing our that she does not use the Lord’s name in vain like that… her favorite phrase had been “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” MamaKef is not one to exclude a member of the holy family.


Luckily, everyone else made it in without incident:





These two will be known collectively as WhipKef and NaeNaeKef


With the hook from “Notorious” blasting, we made our entrance:



And then switched gears for our first dance, “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by the one and only Otis Redding.



And then it was time for speeches! MamaKef kicked it off with a great welcome speech


and then MrKef’s dad gave my husband a roasting to remember



A father-daughter dance was not really HomebrewKef’s cup of tea, and I am not really into the whole daddy’s little girl bit, so I made a little speech about what my dad really means to me, instead–gotta give props to the guy who taught you that “you can only spend a dollar once.” I’d say more about it, but I don’t have the time to cry right now.


And then it was time for my surprise! I had been secretly amassing home videos and family pictures to do a little slideshow for my family. I am the product of a hilarious, intense, inspiring village and I wanted to recognize them all on this special day. MamaKef probably wanted to kill me 47 times in the run-up to the wedding because she kept asking me to do things but making this movie was taking up all my time so I was late on all her tasks… whoospies. Anyway, here are the fruits of my labor–I think this was my favorite part of the wedding!


Before anybody got any ideas about dry eyes, MrKef and his mom pulled on everybody’s heart strings with their dance to “Three Times a Lady.”


And then it was time to party!

Stop by next time for tons and tons of party pics!

Amazing photography provided by: RMN Photography
Venue and gracious coordinators of logistics: Key Bridge Marriott
White dress the bride could live with: BHLDN
Perfect party music played by: DJ StereoFaith


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