Delicious GF Gingerbread Cookies With a Few Bizarre Secret Ingredients

22 Dec

It’s another one of those days where I have about 15 seconds before I’m 15 minutes late to something, so here’s the quick and dirty: QueijoKef sent me the most intriguing recipe last week– gingerbread made with matcha, chestnut flour, and avocado.  I am a known sucker for weird ingredients I will never use again (nutritional yeast, anyone?),  but even I gave pause to chestnut flour when I couldn’t find it at Whole Foods. My curiosity got the better of me, though, and so I ordered the damn chestnut flour from Amazon (not even Prime-eligible… quelle horreur!)

After I pondered how humanity ever survived without two-day shipping, I got right down to work. These cookies are easy and they are AWESOME–the sweet rice flour makes them crispy on the outside, the chestnut flour provides a soft, earthy inside, and the ginger flavor is very much star of the show. QueijoKef received a BlueApron-style package from me over the weekend and she’ll provide us feedback from her independent review, I’m sure.

Once I saw the beautiful green color, I had great ambitions to use the cookie-shaping press WokeUpLikeDisKef gave me for Christmas last year to shape the cookies into wreaths and Christmas trees, but (per usual) my impatience won out and I just pressed the damn things into discs. Also per usual, I also didn’t bother to take a nice picture. Luckily, the good people who created this wonderful recipe did:


Since I’ve already described their amazing cookies and shared their pretty photo, I might as well just send you right over to their Web site to get their recipe, shouldn’t I? You can find these amazing little green devils right here.

Tomorrow: 20-minute gingerbread cookies you probably already have all the ingredients for.

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