Cooking Up Kefi 2015 Gift Guide Part II

14 Dec

Hanukkah is already almost over, there are less than two weeks until Christmas, and we will be airing grievances around the Festivus pole before we know it– here’s the second half of the 2015 CuK Gift Guide in case you still have some loved ones to check off your list (for the first half, click here).

For the runner who hates winter but loves winter running gear:

Oiselle Lux Gloves. Although I have been an advocate of the $0.99 CVS cotton gloves for YEARS, I must say a pair of wicking wool gloves would be an amazing gift for the out-in-all-weather runner in your life.


Running vests are perfect for those days cold enough for another layer but too warm for a running jacket. I can’t choose between this super comfy-looking LL Bean Vest and the highly-reflective, all-weather Brooks version

… I hope you’re more decisive than me!

Is stuffing stockings with socks the Turducken of holiday gifting? If so, you better get on trend and give the gift of dry feet to your favorite runner. I love these Balega socks (confession: I stole my first pair after using them to try on running shoes at Pacers… sorry, guys!) and have been running in the same 3 or 4 pairs for 3 years or so– high quality and definitely worth the price.

For the Voracious Reader Who Loves Character-Driven Novels

All The Light We Cannot See. Like pretty much every other critic who reviewed this book, I was hesitant to read another WWII story, but this novel is such a fresh take on lots of classic themes, I could not put it down! allthelight

For The Person Who’s Resolving to Bring Lunch Instead of Buying it in 2016

Lock N Lock Storage Sets— CafeKef and ChampagneOnlyKef gave MrKef and I a set of these as a shower gift and we love them- never find your salad dressing has leaked into your work bag again!


For the Nurse Who Wishes She Could Wear Yoga Pants to Work

Figs is a new brand of super-soft scrubs with a Toms-esque “buy one give one” model (which I have a lot of feelings about but will refrain from sharing in order to maintain the holiday spirit). It’s a woman-owned company, which is evident in this super thick waistband that looks as comfortable as it is functional. Hallelujah.


For the Person Who Loves Food but Can’t Do All the Gluten

As I mentioned the other day, Italian food ain’t really my thing. HOWEVER. Cappellos grain-free pasta is 100% amazing. I love this Paleo-friendly pasta, and I bet the gluten-free eater in your life would, too!


If you know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate one of Baklava Couture’s Artisan Gift Baskets, you should probably unfriend them now. I mean, really:


And, if you ask Kat really nicely, she will hook you up with gluten free baklava and other Greek goodies!

For Your College Roommate, Who Loves Flair

I can’t explain why I love these Kate Middleton socks  so much (or the other supercute styles they have!), but if there’s anyone in my life who NEEDS them, it’s QueijoKef.katesocks

For Everyone About that Black Girl Magic:

The T-Shirt that started it all is back… if you reserve it. Sign me up for a large, please!


Finally! An way to measure which of your friends’ are OFFICAL card carriers


I can’t imagine that anyone who loves to accessorize with head wraps wouldn’t LOVE any of these:



For Your Smartest Friend, Who Will Not Engage You if You Do Not Understand Intersectionality

Who doesn’t need a soy candle made up of white feminist tears? Sadly, SummitKef will have to wait for hers, as these are so popular the creator had to put a hold on her candle operation (but check out her Etsy store for other tongue-in-cheek statement gifts).


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