The 2015 Cooking Up Kefi Gift Guide: Part I

3 Dec

Editor’s Note: Sorry to everyone on the email list who accidentally received this post in their inboxes yesterday and then again 6 times this morning!

I love love love to give gifts–here are some of my favorites collected from around the web. (PS-for even more ideas, check out the 2014 and 2011 guides…and don’t ask what happened to to 2012 and 2013.)

For the host(ess) who has everything:

Hot and Cold Soapstone Serving Platterput the stones in either the oven or the freezer and be assured the dishes you serve will stay at the perfect temperature.


Retap Reusable Bottle: Another kitchen accessory that can go from hot to cold, this 10-oz bottle is perfect for holding homemade dressings, sauces, and cocktails.


For Your Husband Who’s Really Just a Big Kid:

Yard Dice & DominoesEver since setting eyes on a life-sized Jenga set at a Hitchin’ After Party, MrKef has been a sucker for jumbo board games. Add in his NYC-inborn love of playing dice, and things could get real cute–real quick.dice.PNG

For Your Brother, Who Loves the Mets Through It All:

Baseball Bat Bottle Openers: Handmade from actual Major League game-day bats.


For Your Nostalgic Friend Who’s Too Easily Offended To Play Cards Against Humanity:

Rememory Game— though I doubt this one includes any of your favorite cards from the original.


For Your Brilliant, Busy Cousin Who Loves Tea and is Always on the Go:

Tea to Go: fill one end with tea leaves, add hot water, shake, and perfectly-brewed tea is waiting for you from the opposite end.


For Your Hard-Working Friend, Molly, who Loves Pie:

Piegram will ship a 6-inch pie right to her door! Up to her whether she share it or not.


For Your Mama, Who Rocks Hermes Like She Owns the Champs Elysses

Maggies, to keep her scarves in place.


For Your New In-Laws, Who Are Obsessed With Slippers

Fitkicks: these guys slide on easily and have a firm bottom so they can go most anywhere.


For Everyone Who’s About that Big Fat Greek Wedding Life

Evo Oil Sprayer: Gus had windex, the rest of us can spray everything we see with olive oil.


For Your Sister, Who Found Her Fifteen Minutes of Curly-Haired Fame Only to Start Straightening Her Hair

Hot Iron Holster– never worry that you’ll set your house on fire again!


For the love of your life, who’s barely a baby anymore!

The Cibo: It sticks so it stays in place, and catches the crumbs so you don’t have to! Now she can eat all the Trader Joe’s Feta that her little heart desires.


For Your Dad, Who Lives to Use the Apple Slicer

But fair warning–there’s no telling if he’ll have more fun with the Giro than he does with the old-fashioned slicer he’s used for years.




2 Responses to “The 2015 Cooking Up Kefi Gift Guide: Part I”

  1. mary @ minutes per mile December 3, 2015 at 9:59 am #

    these are brilliant!! great ideas. thanks 🙂

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