Wedding Wednesday: A Hodge Podge of Pre-Ceremony Stuff

25 Nov

While most of y’all are brining your turkey or drinking with your friends from high school in your hometown, I’m just trying to avoid the wrath of MamaKef, who is dying for CuK Wedding Edition Post. So, it’s not the most curated or well-thought-out, but here’s the first of a few wedding posts I’ll make:

It’s a West African tradition that close family/friends wear different outfits of the same fabric to weddings (and, it turns out, other ceremonies–just ask MrKef’s dad who told CafeKef “you should see how many of these shirts I have from funerals!”). In an adventure of epic proportions, MrKef and I gathered both our families at Monsieur Diallo’s little tailor shop on Flatbush Ave one afternoon and we commissioned QUITE the line of red dashiki, if I do say so myself:

FullSizeRender (2)

We held the dinner at Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria. They were reasonable, flexible, and gave us the whole upstairs to ourselves–perfect for a no-muss, no-fuss night before the wedding!FullSizeRender

FullSizeRender (1)


And of course, there was a little hoodwinking:


That night, I intended to go straight to bed… but instead ended up drinking (more) champagne and trying to smoke a cigar with one of MrKef’s best friends… whoopsies. #thebrideisdrunk

Our ceremony and reception were both at the Key Bridge Marriott, which was the perfect venue for a billion reasons, not the least of which being the huge suite with this amazing view that was ours the night before and night of the wedding–perfect for getting ready!


Before I inundate you with photos of our families and friends, let me pay special homage to what was REALLY going down on August 21, 2015: CafeKef got her some lashes:


Okay, now you’re pretty much caught up on what isn’t run-of-the-mill wedding stuff, so I’ll give you what you came for: lots of pictures.




I wore earrings my dad had CUSTOM MADE (his emphasis) for my 18th birthday.


There was A LOT OF ANXIETY OVER THIS DRESS, so I was relieved when it fit, didn’t show my spanx, and didn’t make me feel like a cookie-cutter bride.


ChampagneOnlyKef, helping me put on a beautiful bracelet that was GrandmaB’s.


The only safe way to greet HomeBrewKef these days… he’s really into licking.



Our poor photographer wasn’t quite sure what to do with 5 groomsmen and 1 maid of honor, but luckily KPopKef came up with some photographic gold: the FLYING V.0211

Which devolved rather quickly:


These pictures were taken at that little pocket park in Rosslyn where the Jazz Festival is every year… KMBGSKef and I found the perfect spot for our portraits, of course:


Finally, we got together for 4,328.503 different iterations of family portraits:








Is that not the most beautiful Greek-Cameroonian family you have ever seen?

Next time, on Cooking Up Kefi: Wedding Edition: the ceremony, the party, the speeches, the… Irish Drinking Songs? Stay tuned… it could be awhile.


Amazing photography provided by: RMN Photography
Venue and gracious coordinators of logistics: Key Bridge Marriott
White dress the bride could live with: BHLDN
Perfect party music played by: DJ StereoFaith

3 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: A Hodge Podge of Pre-Ceremony Stuff”

  1. Gayle gridley November 25, 2015 at 10:22 am #

    What a stunning bride! Still wishing I could have been there

    • cookingupkefi November 25, 2015 at 10:39 am #

      Thank you! You were there in spirit–I am quite sure– and sorely missed in person!


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