Catching Up Kefi: A Bachelorette Party for the Antibride

19 Nov


Okay, so a million years ago I had a wedding and my mother keeps telling me it isn’t “official” because I haven’t written about it on my blog. Today, we get one step closer to appeasing MamaKef: we’ll talk about the bachelorette party.

I am truly grateful to everyone who piled into SpeakToSomeoneAboutThatKef’s car with about two minutes’ notice and headed out to Leesburg for some last-minute tramping around at Rebounderz. For reference, it was us six grown adults and a 7th birthday party. And it was awesome.


Trampolining, it turns out, is incredibly difficult work, and we were all sweaty and pooped by the time our hour was over. We did learn that SummitKef is a DAREDEVIL and that NEPAKef can snap an excellent selfie, even mid-bounce. We also learned it is nearly impossible to slam dunk on a trampoline basketball court and that the soundtrack to 7th birthday parties these days  is Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” on rapid repeat.


After a nap and a shower, we headed out to the Cajun Experience, which features live music pretty much every weekend night of the summer. Naturally, this night was the one Saturday in August without a band. Undeterred, we decided to have our own fun–GingerKef and SpeakToSomeoneAboutThatKef were ready for Sazeracs… STAT.

Well, it turns out that earlier that day the bartender and two servers had quit under mysterious circumstances, which left a VERY eager host named Sharif and a very well-intentioned but new-to-the-game server named Danielle. NoLongerClevelandParkKef graciously sent us a bottle of champagne and we got the party started, even without a bartender or a band.

And then a strange thing happened: Sharif and Danielle apologized but said that Danielle HAD TO GO HOME RIGHT NOW, assured us that the whole place was ours to enjoy, and that Sharif would be right back, and then took off like a bat out of hell:


So, we did the only thing we could do: staged a dance party.

Eventually, Sharif returned, gave us another bottle of champagne for having such a good time, and insisted that he recognized SpeakToSomeoneAboutThatKef from “Open Carry Wednesday.” That’s right, my friends, Sharif was certain that this disco-dancing lady also brings her “lady pistol” to dinner on Wednesdays, when the Cajun Experience offers 10% to everyone who brings a weapon for “Guns and Gumbo.” You can’t make this ish up.

And then, a Bachelorette Party miracle occurred: a courier called to tell me my suitcase had been located (more than a month after it was lost on the way home from Ferragosto 2015)! We half walked, half-ubered back to the hotel (shout out to the MLK Dreamway Crew) and called it a night.


Sharif is #TeamBride all the way.

Many, many thanks to my amazing crew for getting together for a little fun, ESPECIALLY to SpeaktoSomeoneAboutThatKef for getting together the world’s GREATEST flair on the fly!

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