Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2015

13 Nov

Well, I was going to write about this lentil-sweet potato salad I made this week (plus start catching up on wedding posts before my mother kills me… we’ll start with the bachelorette party sometime next week, and maybe get to the actual wedding by next year)– but Mary over at Minutes Per Mile reminded me that it truly IS the most wonderful time of the year: NYT VEGETARIAN THANKSGIVING special!


If it were me, I’d be making the caramelized fennel and onion risotto, brussels sprouts sliders (!!), sweet potato souffle, cabbage and ricotta timbale, the Greek beet pie, and the pureed mushroom soup. And that would just be to start. The good news is that I may have just cleared up some time for baking this month, as I’ve surely just used up all of my 10 free articles!

What are you making for Thanksgiving (veggie or not)?

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