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Greek Easter 2015 Part II: Triumphs and Tragedies

5 May

Another joyful celebration of Greek supremacy with all my favorite friends is in the books (if you missed the last few, check out 2012 and 2013 and 2014). This year’s festivities featured perfect weather, a few new dishes, and some babies (with no reports of honey-sourced botulism, praise the lord!).

The Triumphs:

  • The selfie stick was a bit hit this year, and we managed to get the first ever DC Greek Easter group shot… twice!
    The early crowd:
    photo 2The late crowd:
    photo 4And some total Babes (sans hair for SummitKef…sorry!):photo 3
  • The Pastitsio: This is the yearly crowd favorite, and this year’s pie rang in at almost 9.5 lbs!
    photo 2photo 4…though I must also say that the Ottolenghi Caramelized Garlic Tart in the brand new square tart dish also turned a lot of heads this yearphoto 3
  • The Help: ThisIsYourLifeNowKef and SummitKef are officially the first people whose offers of help I have ever accepted. Because of them, I got to sleep a record 5 hours Saturday night (usually I only have enough time for a nap from like 4:00-6:00 am on Greek Easter Eve… can’t stop, won’t stop!). ThisIsYourLifeNowKef learned a new skill (peeling potatoes with a paring knife… definitely a resume builder) and everyone said the melomakarona were the softest ever thanks to SummitKef’s watchful eye as they soaked in a honey syrup.
    photo 5 photo 1
  • The Protegee: Some of you know that I have been hanging out with the most wonderful gal in Arlington every Thursday since August, and she accompanied me to Trader Joe’s to procure the Greek Easter goods this year. Nothing in the whole world has ever made me prouder than the moment she nonchalantly reached back into a cart chock full of food and turned around with–what else!–the FETA!
    photo 1In general I am not in the habit of putting pictures of other people’s kids on the internet, but I needed there to be photographic evidence of this moment– this way when TheSunshineofMyWholeDamnLifeKef grows up and wants to know what her parents were like when they were younger, she can come here and know that they allowed some crazy woman to drag her all over creation searching for the cheapest dill.

The Tragedies

  • The Paulatimi Salad: Would you believe I served it without the basil?
  • NoLongerClevelandParkKef had a back injury and was unable to join us and GingerKef was fighting the Midwestern Avian Ebola SARS flu–their absences were truly the heartbreak of Greek Easter 2015.
  • The Lack of Photos: I didn’t think I need pics of food because I’ve made the same thing every year… but now that I’m trying to write this blog post, I realize I didn’t take pictures of really anything/anyone. Sadness prevails.
  • The Streak is Over: Thanks to SummitKef and ThisIsYourLifeNowKef, the long-running streak of my not even thinking of showering on Greek Easter Sunday came to an end–this year I was done cooking at 1pm, showered, and even completed a homework assignment… all before the first guest arrived! I guess that’s not such a tragedy, but it’s always sad when a tradition dies.
photo 5

The picture may be grainy, but MrKef was just so happy to have a clean ChefKef!

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