5 Kitchen Items I Love

20 Apr

1. The Veggie Spiralizer (aka: the Veggetti).

When MamaKef stuffed my stocking with this guy, I was skeptical. I’ve been using a julienne peeler to make veggie noodles and it’s come out quite fine, so I didn’t think I really needed a new utensil to do the same thing. Wrong. This guy turns out perfect veggie noodles in seconds flat–so far I’ve used it with squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes (definitely my favorite). Best of all? Easy to clean and it fits in my already-too-full kitchen gadget drawer.

2. Metal Spatula

I have been known to stop the dishwasher mid-wash to fish this guy out if it’s dirty while I’m cooking. This spatula is without a doubt the most often-used utensil I have in my kitchen. I love that it’s flatter than most plastic/silicone pancake-flipping spatulas, and the metal edge really gets under whatever I’m flipping… I’m not leaving anything on the pan when I’m using this guy. Mine came included in one of those Target 20-piece kitchen sets– best $20 I ever spent!

3. Fluted Tart Pan With Removable Bottom

This is hands down my favorite pan to bake in. The dark metal makes sure the crust is perfectly browned every time and the fluted edges make every tart look Martha made.  I have a cheap-o one from Home Goods and it works great, and never fails to produce an “oooohhhh” when I push the removable bottom out to reveal those pretty edges!

4. Zester

This was another MamaKef stocking stuffer (what can I say? When she’s good, she’s good.). She got us all this little guy, which is awesome for zesting on the go, as well as the big mamma jamma (though the large size seems to be off the market these days).

5. Reusable Bowl Covers

Linen & Cotton Bowl Covers (Set of 6)

I don’t actually own these, but I desperately want them (ahem). I would especially love to use these when I’m letting my tsoureki rise. I’m currently using Saran wrap, which does a great job but also contributes to the world’s untimely demise, so…. an upgrade would be awesome.

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