Greek Easter 2015: No, but Yes

14 Apr

The Bringer of Da Kef is back in action after quite a hiatus– after finals I had a side project that kicked my butt (didn’t even bother taking my name), and then it was time to prep for the highest of holy days: GREEK EASTER 2015!

photo 4JetSet and I had plans to make it to my grandfather’s house around lunchtime on Friday. As is usually the case with my family, neither of us arrived at our stated time: JetSet got there Thursday night and I didn’t get there until almost 4 Friday afternoon. In addition to being late for my whole damn life, I had to pack my entire kitchen into my car to avoid the surprises that come with cooking with appliances from last century. By the time I was done, the backseat of my car looked like this (with more in the trunk!):

photo 1Please note that there are two seatbelts protecting my Kitchenaid from any impact trauma.

After arriving at my grandfather’s house and performing just a little nursing care (never off duty!), JetSet and I took our traveling Terror Twins show to the Wegman’s. We were mostly well behaved this year, although JetSet did get into an altercation in the produce section, as one does.

photo 2I was nervous we were going to be way behind, but the gods of Easter smiled upon us and we chugged right along. The cooking was really rather uneventful this year and, before we knew it, we had flown through the pies and were on to the baklava. JetSet did such a bangup job last year that I let him fly solo, to miraculous results (watch all the way to the end for Grandpa’s great reaction):

Once all that sizzlin’ was done, we swung by the bus station to pick up KimmieKef. We had some time to kill before church, so we made our way to a “Real American Bar” a la Love Actually, where we learned the stunning fact that you can still smoke in bars in PA. Who the hell knew? We Christos anesti’ed our hearts out and then headed home… but first we took a selfie:

photo 4We made the exact same menu as last year, so I did some driveby snapping of pics- pardon the poor quality:

Larry sliced up some ham

photo 5

while I stared lovingly at my tsoureki

photo 1

and JetSet admired his eggplant casserole

photo 2

and everyone drooled over GrandmaKef’s potatoes

photo 3

and the Paulatimi salad (with orange tomatoes, this year!).

photo 4

By this point, everyone was ravenous so I sprinted past the pasticio and meatballs before they were gobbled up:

photo 1 photo 2

and went straight for the Picnic 3

Finally, it was dessert time. Did we mention the baklava?

photo(1) photo 2

Then there were the koulourakia

photo 5

and the insane peanut butter cake my Aunt made for MamaKef’s bday

photo 3

To wrap things up, we took a selfie–duh

photo 4

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