The One Where JetSet and I Shared Airspace with JayZ and JT

15 Dec

In the words of my dear friend GingerKef, WowwowwowwowwowwowWOW. Last night JetSet and I spent the night in Brooklyn with Justin Timberlake (and 18,101 of our closest friends).

Our story begins back in Singapore, when I rolled in to our hotel room after 21 hours of traveling for the final minutes of JetSet’s 31st birthday. I thought for a moment about being nice and letting him sleep, but instead I jumped on the bed to wake him up with the news that WE WERE GOING TO SEE JT IN CONCERT. His reaction:


It was pretty epic.

Fast forward a few months, and are in the East Village for the Thompson Square Park Christmas Tree Lighting, where we made MamaKef proud by singing Christmas carols with gusto and knowing mostly all the words. Then we did what we do best: pile our biodegradable food containers high with more food than we could reasonably consume at the 2nd Ave Whole Foods.



With full stomachs and star-struck eyes, we arrived at the Barclays Center right on time–truly a first for the Terror Twins. We took our seats and the MANIA began:

Did everyone else know concerts do not start on time? I had no idea. Anyway, by the time the lighs dimmed, JetSet was raring to go. Some people want a picture of the look they have on their face when they first see their beloved on their wedding day– JetSet requested photo documentation of his first look at JTimberlake, the man, the myth, the legend.


The next two hours or so were a wild and emotional ride– that man from Memphis knows what the hell he’s doing. JetSet and the woman sitting next to us (who had already seen JT three times on this tour) traded trivia and wish-list set lists. I held my breath every time he played a song with a JayZ verse- and then…

SHAWN COREY CARTER WAS IN THE BUILDING! In the coolest of BK cool, he came, he saw, he conquered in a Nets fitted and Tims. I, on the other hand, was not so cool:


God is good, all of the time.

JT played pretty much all of his hits JetSet was hoping to hear, plus covers of “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Human Nature,” and “Poison.” I died.

Sadly, the fun had to end. Some drunk ladies from the Jerz (emphasis on the Z) took this picture, which pretty much sums it all up: JetSet absolutely spent from two hours of shrieking and me stunned that I possibly consumed Hova’s expired carbon dioxide.


And that, my friends, is how it’s done.


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