5 Things I’m Loving From Trader Joe’s Right Now

4 Nov

DC is still a flutter from the new Trader Joe’s that opened last spring–on Monday night (Monday!) the line wrapped around the entire.damn.store. As in– through every aisle. It was wild. Anyway, while I still think most of their produce is really crappy, there are several products I think are just terrific. Here are five of ’em:

1. Curry Simmer Sauce

simmerI could buy 5 jars of this a week and still want more. Usually I mix half a jar of simmer sauce with half a can of coconut milk and throw it over a bunch of cauliflower and/or broccoli. Simmer for 35 minutes or so et voila! Dinner is served. There aren’t all that many pre-made sauces out there that don’t have sugar in ’em, so TJ gets a gold star for this one that is sugar free AND delicious.

2. All this Coconut Water for $2.49

coconutwaterReally nothing else I need to say about that.

3. Cruciferous Crunch Collection


4. Tahini Sauce

tahiniPut those together you have got yourself a SUPER SALAD, my friends. Friggin yum.

5. Mamby Pamby Baking Supplies at a Cheaper Price

cocooilGluten-free all-purpose flour, palm sugar, coconut oil, even carob–Trader Joe’s has busted into the clean baking market and broke it wide open. Definitely the lowest prices I’ve seen for all of the above!

Honorable Mentions

peasI don’t always buy Solid Gold Ish but when I do… they don’t make it out of the grocery store.

magoFor some reason these are near impossible to open–but these dried mangoes (with not a thing added!) are worth the work.

yogurtIt ain’t Fage, but it is full fat–and that’s so good.

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