Some New Life Goals

22 Sep

A lot has happened in the last week: I officially entered the last year of my twenties and started the first year of my last degree (God willing) and am my way to becoming Chef Kefi, PNP-BC. Start the prayer circles now– it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

All these new beginnings mean, of course, that’s it’s time to make some resolutions. Y’all already know I love a goal, and with all these new things happening, I’ve decided to identify some new things to work toward for the short and medium term. Kind of like New (School) Year Resolutions… or just some ish I want to get done before I turn 30.



I was so thrilled this year to meet a lot of fitness goals- I PR’ed in a half, completed my first Olympic triathlon, and came in 14th in my age group at Nation’s. But all of that training came at a price, and I found myself facing a lot of injuries. So my winter goal for fitness is to build strength and flexibility. I’m measuring this by classes: in additon to biking and running, I am committing to one strength and one flexibility class per week– so be on the lookout for recommendations for and reviews of DC-area strength work! What classes do I NEED to take? Leave a comment and let me know!



I’ve decided I’d like to say yes more–yes to more fun, yes to more time with my friends, yes to random events on nights before I work at 7am. I pride myself on practicality, which makes it so easy to say no to things, but from now on I’m going to try to say no only when it actually makes practical sense. If I think about it this way, dinner with an old friend after a 12-hour shift would actually probably energize me, not drain me. A trip to New Orleans for a wedding I’d love to go to sounds totally worth it, practically speaking. I will measure this by how often I find myself looking like that guy in the picture above (although that may be worth saying no to).



Don’t these people just look so positive? I think I am an extremely positive person, but I bet there are lots of people I know who wouldn’t describe me as such. Two things I really value about myself are that I am practical (see above) and that I am critical. Add a strong dose of New York sarcasm in there and you can see how people wouldn’t quite get the picture. I’d like to do a better job of translating my thoughts for other people, which might even mean keeping some of those thoughts to myself. When one of my loved ones is saying/doing/thinking something I find to be unpractical or worth a bit of critique, I’m quick to point that out. And you know how often they change their minds about something they didn’t ask my opinion on but I gave it to them anyway? Pretty much never. I’m not saying I’m working toward being less critical of systems, symbols, and impact (never that), but I can stand to be less critical of the people I love (and probably even the people I don’t like very much). So this goal is not about changing myself to become more positive as it is about showing people more of the positive person I know I am. I’d like more people to leave conversations with me feeling good about themselves and our interaction, not confused about why I started opining on something they weren’t even asking. This will be a tall order, and will probably be measured by how many fewer times per week JetSet has to say, “Oh, okay. Anyway.”

So that’s what I’m thinking about. Anyone else making goals this fall?

(Ed. Note: Malaysia Mondays are currently on hiatus because I lost the dang memory stick and won’t return until JetSet becomes savvy enough to upload them to Google Drive. We’re working on it.)

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