SoulCycle DC Review

12 Aug

The wait is over–SoulCycle has finally opened its first studio in DC!

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 10.08.43 AM

I first experienced SoulCycle (or simply “Soul,” as devotees call it) a few years ago when I was in NY and in need of a bike + run workout before my first triathlon. QueijoKef preaches the gospel according to Soul and convinced me that I should give it a whirl. If you’ve never been to a SoulCycle class, it’s basically spinning on crack spiked with a dose of positive self talk.Where most spinning studios rely on black lights and strobes, Soul keeps the room dark and lit only by candles. There’s no drill sergeant shouting to keep you moving–most of the instructors employ a low, “look-inside-yourself” voice. And just when you think 45-minutes of riding in place can’t be innovated, they throw in some micro-movement weight training, and your whole damn body burns (don’t get cocky and take the 5 lb weights–the 2 or 3 lbs will do you dirty enough. Seriously.) Add amazing music and the fact that I sat next to Tom Colicchio during my first class and I was hooked!

So I was pretty stoked when I heard Soul was coming to DC. I headed over there this morning for Megan’s 8 AM class. Like most Soul locations, there’s a coed locker room plus gender-specific bathrooms and showers (but I think there are only 4 showers–so give yourself enough time to wait on line). The studio itself is huge, with 50 or so bikes. I arrived early for once in my life, got some help adjusting my bike and got ready to go. I picked Megan’s class on purpose–I’m a sucker for people who list their grandparents as their inspiration–and she did not disappoint. She’s fun, snuck in enough choreography to keep it interesting (but not so much that it was distracting…I hate that) and really pushed us all to go farther than we thought. Sometimes the motivational parts of Soul can seem a little hokey–people are paying almost $1/minute to sweat in $80 LuluLemon shorts…”you yourself are enough” messages feel a little tone deaf– but Megan was a totally authentic and positive instructor. When she told me I could make today better than yesterday, I believed her.

Since it has been a minute since I’ve found myself on a Soul bike, I had forgotten how utterly uncoordinated I am–if Soul is “dancing on a bike,” as they like to describe themselves, then I am doing the Elaine dance. That aside, I had a great class.

Bottom line: Soul is a really fun way to shake off a bad day, kick start an exciting week, or re-energize a workout routine. I ride 2-3 times a week, so the hefty $30-per-class price tag is prohibitive for me, but it’s a great experience worth a try and I look forward to dropping in every now and again.

Welcome to DC, SOUL!

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