Quickie 4th of July Recap

8 Jul

Still don’t know what kefi is? A quick glimpse into a kefi-filled holiday weekend with the First Family of the Hudson Valley.

Let’s start with the food:

MamaKef always throws down–this year it was a Mediterranean-inspired BBQ. The best thing about my mom’s hosting skills is that she always make it look SO easy, unlike her daughter who barely showers before guests arrive.


photo 3

Paula’s famous peanutbutter cake–I really thought about ditching this whole clean-eating thing and sticking my whole face in the cake. Alas, I did not. Maybe she will kindly provide the recipe for us a guestblogger (ahem!)

photo 4

A new addition- s’mores bars. Graham cracker crumbs layered with chocolate and marshmallow fluff–MamaKef knows what the eff she’s doing.

photo 5

And then there’s the kefi NOS (NOS=Not Otherwise Specified for those of us not into the DSM):

We rang in the birthdays of BFKef, CafeKef, and KPMGKef. CafeKef was a great sport and put up with open flame–truly a life milestone.

photo 1

This group of people (minus BFKef) have probably logged nearly 1,000,000 hours in this exact spot since we moved into this house almost *twenty* years ago.

photo 2

JetSetKef in his natural habitat.

photo 3

Nobody–and I do mean nobody–just sits as well as we do in la familia Kef.

photo 4

2 Responses to “Quickie 4th of July Recap”

  1. mollyannsinger July 9, 2014 at 12:36 pm #

    mama kef, who knows the eff, we need the recipe

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