JetSet Kef’s Five for Friday Summer Edition

13 Jun

For those following along at home, JetSet Kef is my brother who interlopes as a guest blogger. Previously, he gallavanted around the Middle East and Asia, but a recent move back to New York has his current jet-setting limited to the New Silk Road (aka–the Lower East Side to Morris County, NJ), which he swears is what keeps him from visiting his little sister’s blog more often. Whatever.

ANYWAY– last week I shared five things I’ll be doing this summer; this Friday, we’ve got:

JetSet Kef’s Five for Friday: Five Signs It’s Almost Ferragosto!

I’m writing this from a plane back from a long-weekend jaunt in Mexico, so now that I’m feeling JetSet again (ChefKefi, RN note: JetSet’s got his groove back), let’s talk about what’s happening to indicate that it’s time for me and ChefKef to take a non-romantic honeymoon together very soon:

1. The iTunes is set to Michalis Hatzigiannis on repeat all-day every day at work (yes, even the Christmas album)

2. I start planning the Ferragosto Facebook album. The album has to have a clever name, and only three kinds of pictures are allowed:

The No-Really-This-Isn’t-Our-Honeymoon Picture

321097_828234199875_1449900_nThe Here-We-Are-in-X-Awesome-Place-Enjoying-Really-Good-Food Semi-Selfie

226376_10100177387605625_569192093_nAnd for reasons better left unexplored, The Sea-kayaking Action Shot


3. When I make excel errors at work, the first thing I do is check to see if I made the same excel error I made pre-Mozambique Ferragosto (instead of typing =SUM, I put in =SUMMER).

4. Spinach pie has become the default late-night (and early morning and mid-afternoon) snack.  Except when I want a cheese pie (and in those cases, two snacks never really hurt anyone, right?)

5.  I start investigating options to replace the drivers license I lost for 4 months ago in case we need to drive a Toyotaki somewhere and my sweet sister continues to refuse to drive in the developing world (unless they drive on the left side of the road, then she’ll take the wheel. I don’t pretend to understand, either.).

Only 1 month, 6 days to go!

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