Running with Thighs

9 Jun

For years I sweated through summer in capris because I thought I would never find running shorts that stayed in place, provided adequate coverage without looking like Bermuda shorts, and did not cause the dreaded thigh rub. A few training cycles through DC’s stank summer heat later and I had had enough—I love that my thighs are more like Serena Williams’ than Shalane Flanagan’s, and I knew there had to be shorts out there somewhere that could stick with me through a long run. So I ordered about every pair of shorts with an inseam between 4 and 7-inches out there, and waited for my long-awaited Summer of the Shorts to begin.

It looked bleak for awhile—I tried on a LOT of duds—but I am THRILLED to report that I am now the proud owner of TWO different pairs of workout shorts: the Oiselle Long Roga and the Athleta 7” Presto 2. I’m not paid by or representing either company—I’m just so excited to have finally found functional shorts that I had to share.

longrongaThe Long Roga is a great pair of gym shorts—long enough to cover during squats and leg lifts but I never felt like I was wearing my boyfriend’s basketball shorts. They’re super light and breathable, plus they have a thick waistband that makes me feel like my stomach is as flat as the model in the picture. All the reviews swore that they “don’t ride up at all,” but I found that to be a little bit of an oversell—they stayed in place well, but I probably wouldn’t wear these on a long run. If you like your shorts a little looser and don’t mind a centimeter of ride up here and there, then head over to one of my new favorite brands, Oiselle, and scoop up a pair of Long Rogas!



I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Athleta for a few seasons now—the catalog shows up in my mailbox and I want EVERYTHING, but when I get to the store nothing quite fits how I’d like. That curse has been broken, my friends. The Presto 2 shorts are so amazing I already know I’ll have a few chilly runs come fall when I just can’t bear to put them away until spring. I was skeptical of the 7-inch inseam—I worked HARD for these thighs and want to show them off!—but that length turned out to be perfect. In addition to a no-roll-down waistband, they have a small ring of elastic around the leg opening that keep these guys exactly where I want them, no matter how far I’m running. They have a back pocket big enough for an ID and two side pockets I’ve used for keys, mp3 player, etc. They also come in 4-inch and 10-inch lengths, so I imagine there’s just-right fit for

Do you guys wear shorts? What are your faves? Have any tips for keeping shorts in place?

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