Crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala

19 Mar

Welcome to Wednesday! I’m headed off to Miami with QueijoKef, so I have about 30 seconds to share this delightful recipe with you before I bribe the pilot to write, “See ya later, snow suckas!” in the air as we depart BWI.

CousinKef and her wonderful husband ManCaveKef came over on Sunday — it was a wayyyy overdue event and BFKef and I were super excited to host them. My darling BFKef, of course, insisted that we make something that included his beloved, the crockpot, and scoured the internet to find this surprisingly delicious Chicken Tikka Masala recipe. I was pretty skeptical, but after about 12 minutes in the slow cooker, the smell that permeated our kitchen confirmed what BFKef knew all along: this dish was gonna be yumcito.

We followed the original recipe exactly, so you can check it out here. If you’re into the whole DIY thing, check out the long form version of chicken tikka masala that I LOVE here.



Coming up later this week (or maybe next week if Quiejo and I are having too much fun on South Beach to blog)– a brand new gluten-free naan with just THREE ingredients and a vegan, gf/sf vanilla cake that can be made in ONE BOWL.

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    […] before QueijoKef and I went on a Miami bender, CousinKef and ManCaveKef came over for crockpot chicken tikka masala and GF naan.  The obvious thing to do would have been some delicious Indian-inspired dessert […]

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