Wine, Work Out, and Nintendo for your Snow Day

3 Mar

Snow days. Blech. At the beginning of this winter, BFKef and I got a kick out of having a day off together, and we had little projects we’d get done around the house or shows we’d binge watch together while binge eating delivery  and junk food (natch). At this point, though, we’re both pretty much done with these snowy shenanigans and have used the extra time together to sit next to each other on the couch in front of our respective screens. Pretty pathetic.

In an effort to get back on the right track (and at least use the internet for powers of good), I present to you three of our favorite things on the interwebs– while none of them are going to decrease our snow-day screen time, they did a good job of getting us drunk, getting us active, and getting us competitive. Maybe not in that order.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 11.25.39 AM

Vinepair.comOh wow wow WOW. This site is all about wine and is dedicated to putting the fun back into alcoholic grape juice– whether you’re a wine novice or you’ve been praying for a Sideways sequel, it won’t be hard to spend a few hours of your snow day on this site. BFKef appreciated the quick and accessible Wine101 and Wine FAQ sections, as he’s trying to beef up his wine knowledge, and I love the themed articles–Virginia wines to pair with House of Cards, weeknight wines, what do with leftover wine. Plus, they put out an easy-to-read Sunday newsletter each week at noon, which we love to use as a guide for our Sunday at-home date nights (read: I need a lot of wine to get through Game of Thrones, and Vinepair steers me toward the good stuff). Snow is the first worst thing about snow days; inactivity is the second. Gym closed? No problem. This site offers tons of yoga classes and levels that you can do in the cooped-up, snowed-in privacy of your own home. Awesome. I love Dawnelle Arthur’s 85-minute challenging Pause and Reflect class (just $2.99!), and it was so fun to help my rugby- playing boyfriend get through Jackie Casal Mahrou’s 30-minute beginner Morning Motivation. We stretched, we laughed… we got our mind off the disgusting white ish falling from the sky. Yes, it’s true. You can re-live snow days gone by and waste all the time you want battling King Koopa and his Koopa Trooper’s on your laptop! It took us a little while to get used to using a keyboard instead of that good ol’ joystick we knew and loved, but competition got fierce… luckily, the Princess prevailed!


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