I Dreamed a Dream: Chef Kefi and Ottolenghi

20 Feb

As I mentioned yesterday, when JetSet Kef suggested we fly across an ocean for a mere three days, I consented on these two very specific conditions: we turn down nearly every other social obligation to spend lots of time with our awesome (and pregnant!) cousin, and we eat at an Ottolenghi establishment. I’m pleased to report a stunning success on both fronts.

So let’s just jump right in. While I would have dragged our foursome to each.and.every Ottolenghi outpost in London, my dear cousin very rightly suggested we just bite the bullet, do it properly, and go to: NoPi. A visual:

nopi-restaurant-review-007Done and done.

Then the ordering began. My cousin’s husband (my cousin-in-law?) is exactly the kind of person you want with you at a small-plates restaurant: the one who manages to remember each and every dish each person mentions while reading the menu and is then able to pass them on to the waitress without even looking back at the menu. Friggin’ brilliant. So what did we pick, you wonder?


Roasted sweet potato, roasted aubergine yoghurt, basil, maple-roasted seeds. This was the decided winner from all four judges.


Roasted aubgergine, lemon chili feta, and pistachios. A VERY close second.


Burrata, blood orange, coriander seeds, and lavender oil


Persian love rice wrapped in vine, pickled kohlrabi, and burnt butter courgette tzatziki. Yeah, you read that right. And yes, that is a little PACKAGE formed by a grape leaf. Really something for me to think about.


Mackerel, cucumber gazpacho, and salsify.


Also ordered, and pictured somewhere here:
-french beans, bok choi, edamame, yellow mustard seeds
-courgette and manouri fritters with cardamom yoghurt
-artichoke soup, pickled shimeji, and mushroom toast (best-assembled bite, for sure)
-brussel tops, sprouts, and ginger (do not ask me why the Brits don’t call them brussels sprouts or what the difference between a brussels top and sprout is)

It was a very, very lovely meal.

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