London, Actually, Is All Around

19 Feb

What do two people who haven’t shared a line of longitude since 2009 do to celebrate Presidents’ Day? Jump a few time zones, naturally, and mosey on over to London to see their smart, beautiful, hilarious, cousin. FEBREGOSTO!

Quite by accident, pretty much the first thing we happened upon in London was the posh Whole Foods near Notting Hill.

IMG_1010Thought that use of “posh” was just a gratuitous Britishism? Think again. This Whole Foods has a Champagne Bar and AN ENTIRE ROOM DEDICATED TO CHEESE THAT IS HUMIDIFIED AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED. And that’s just on the first floor– we didn’t even make it to the other two levels.


IMG_1013Then we headed over to Portobello Road, street where the riches of ages are sold

IMG_1018and poked about London, which was mostly sunny and not rainy- who knew?

IMG_1024After we headed to the Satchi, there was some street food that took a LOT of sibling-imposed restraint not to engage

IMG_1017and some mulled wine that neither of us tried even a little bit to talk ourselves out of.

IMG_1019Then, as per tradition, it was time for an Afternoon Caffeinated Beverage (yes–it’s a proper noun).

IMG_1025At which point I found out that I was accepted into a program to become a Nurse Practitioner, so we had to turn the ACB into a Celebratory Champagne Cocktail. Which is pretty much when people started to assume we were on our honeymoon.

IMG_1026Until JetSet did his very best impression of our Italian teacher, who loved to talk about Marie Antoinette’s breasts (known to Signora as “the tits”). Then it was pretty clear we weren’t dating. I hope.

IMG_1027We pulled it together for some tapas, whose number clearly overwhelmed me.

IMG_1028The next day was all business: the British Museum, Tate Modern, and OTTOLENGHI!


IMG_1030Clearly, Yotam will get an entire post devoted to him (but check out this, this, this, and this to recall why I love him so).

JetSet and I continued our walking tour of London, where we ran into one of his colleagues from Dubai as well as a little piece of home, NBNY

IMG_1043not to mention the Globe Theatre

IMG_1053some lovely scenery

IMG_1055a farmer’s market JetSet went to like a year ago that was closed on Sunday but he swore it was the best ever

IMG_1057and St Paul’s.

IMG_1058Speaking of St Paul’s… does this view look at all familiar to you?


loveactually4-14Of course, we had to re-enact the moment

IMG_1050“What could be worse than the total agony of being in love?”

IMG_1051I insisted we head into a grocery store, where I found two travesties that make me THRILLED those people threw that tea into that harbor all those years ago:

photo 3Do not adjust your computer screen– that is, in fact, a Skittles Shake. Blech.

photo 2JetSet and I agreed: worse than the American mispronunciation of Oikos (οἶκος) is this British butchering of the spelling. Double blech. But at least Danon had the good sense to make this commercial.

Then, just as quickly as we came, it was time to be off again.

photo 1-1

It was an extremely lovely weekend- low on stress, high on family, and sure to happen again just as soon as I can rack up enough miles to fly across the world again for a long weekend.

4 Responses to “London, Actually, Is All Around”

  1. Glitterista February 19, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

    What an amazing trip! Seems totally worth a trip for the Whole Foods alone. Congratulations your acceptance to the program.

    • cookingupkefi February 19, 2014 at 10:44 pm #

      Thanks, D! And yes- I am lucky I made it out of the cheese room at all! God bless Whole Foods.


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