Last Minute Shopping? No problem.

16 Dec

For the nurse in your life: Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs, especially these 5-pocket pants that fit so well I’m considering wearing them as real-life pants.


For the baker in your life: the Nibble Cake Pan.  Now they’ll never have to wonder how the cake tastes before it’s served.


For the no-muss, no-fuss dresser who sometimes wishes to be more stylish: the Natasha Crossbody Bag I am very rarely in touch with the latest trends and can’t remember the last time I suggested that someone purchase a $198 bag that everyone and their brother is toting this season… but I just love the simple design, high function, and easy style of this bag!


For the fitness enthusiast who could use a kick in the ass in the new year: personal training sessions with Nicola Haire. I trained with her for awhile last year and she whipped me RIGHT into shape. When my long lost uncle whom I’ve never met dies and leaves me millions, she’ll be my first call.


For anyone who needs to be reassured that we are not merely a collection of particles spinning in a vast, often cruel universe with no purpose other than to subsist: Love Actually. If I need to say more, please stop reading my blog.


For anyone who has a baby and needs a really friggin’ cute outfit: check out these onesies. If you can scroll through that shop without a single “awww,” please start searching for your soul.


For the progressive, liberal arts-loving reader who was probably a librarian in the last life: Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland, George Saunder’s Tenth of December, and James Mcbride’s The Good Lord Bird all blew my hairback this year.

*For the reader who’s generally not into non-fiction but whose best friend is her brother and loves siblings who love each other:  Jill Lepore’s Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin is both a feminist history and a chronicle of sibling love. Plus, it’s written by a New Yorker staff writer.


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