Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake (Or, What I Ate For Breakfast)

16 Sep

Ever since I added ice-cream cake to the list of things I know how to make, I’ve been dreaming of all the possible renditions of amazingness I could serve at future occasions. Because 16 Sept is Mexican Independence Day, National Hot Dog Day, and National Play-Doh Day, I figured this weekend was good as any to throw a fall-themed pot luck. Oh, right, and it was my birthday–so a cake seemed in order.

As you may recall, last year’s cake was a narrowly-averted disaster that had me teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown just a few hours before guests started arriving. Since I am almost an old woman and need to reserve my anxiety for things that actually matter, I decided that this year I  would make myself an ice cream cake–in addition to being  extremely delicious, they go into the freezer looking a hot mess and come out looking impressive and professional–perfect for those of us who just can’t be bothered with presentation. I like to think of them as the before/after segment of “What Not to Wear” without all the gender-/class-normative commentary from Stacy London.

(Speaking of awesome accessories, my “I Love Cake” pin has become a birthday tradition!)


Lucky 27


And Number 28!

Okay back to the cake. Hell bent on making another gluten-free/sugar-free dessert my whole party could enjoy, I decided on a salted caramel ice cream with a FIG jam ribbon layered with last year’s chocolate birthday cake and a praline crunch. This time, I followed the Babycakes recipe exactly (xantham gum and all–full recipe link below), and actually found that the weird version I made last year was better–go figure.  But this one was dense and froze/thawed nicely so Erin McKenna still reigns supreme.


No-Stress Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake


  • 1 batch salted caramel ice cream + 1 extra batch caramel, for crunch and garnish
  • Enough chocolate cake* for at least two layers. Make your cake in whatever pan you plan to use to freeze your assembled ice-cream cake in–best is a deep-dish springform pan; short of that– something with removable sides; and short of that… I suppose you could also do it in a rectangular pyrex
  • 8 oz raw pecans, finely ground
  • 3 TBS butter


1. Take ice cream out of freezer to melt a bit.

2. Your cooled cakes should be in at least two layers. Using the Babycakes recipe above, my cakes were dense and about 1-1.25 inches thick, so they were great as is. You want layers that are thin but firm, so, slice your cakes horizontally if you need to.

3. Melt 3 TBS butter in a sauce pan. Add ground pecans and coat in melted butter. Cook over medium heat until toasted. Mix with a heavy coating of extra caramel sauce and set aside.

4. Once ice cream is melted enough to be spreadable, assemble cake by layering chocolate cake, ice cream, and crunch, in that order, ending with ice cream.  If you need a little more room at the top, cut strips of tin foil and tuck them into pan–they will come off easily from frozen ice cream.

5. Thaw for about 10 minutes before serving. Garnish with extra caramel sauce.


*A note on the true Babycakes version: I would substitute canola oil for the coconut oil because the coconut flavor gets really concentrated when you freeze the cake, as coconut oil has a verrrrry low tolerance for cold.

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