3 May

Well, friends–we have finally made it to the promised land. GREEK EASTER WEEKEND IS FINALLY HERE!

I am about to head out into the world armed with a grocery list 2 pages long and a determination to find the best spinach/honey/feta deals the DC area has to offer. If you hear about a woman who drowned in dill and mint leaves, you’ll know who it was.

In other news that is not as amazing as my pastitsio, my awesome friend Emmy (BennyBooKef? MaltLiquorLovingKef?) tipped me off to what is without a doubt the best hair deal in DC. Immortal Beloved, a trendy Logan Circle hair salon, offers haircuts by their stylists-in-training for just $25! I went yesterday expecting to get a haircut that was fine and left with one of the best cuts I’ve ever had. My stylist, Anna, was awesome and actually listened to the things I said I wanted–namely, layers long enough to stay in a ponytail through the entire long run. I am not being paid to endorse them, I just thought it was such a great deal that I should share.

My awesome cut inspired me to take my first ever Myspace-style “selfie,” which I will submit here as my “before” picture:


Yes- my phone cover is a Greek flag. My Greekness is your weakness.

…because as soon as I’m back from the grocery trip, I will transform into a yiayia and look like this “after” pic, taken in Princeton, NJ at Greek Easter 2010

yiayia in kente

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