World AIDS Day 2012

1 Dec

It’s World AIDS Day. Today, I send out all the love and light in the world to those who fight HIV every day– the testers and counselors, the patients and researchers, the advocates and the educators.  I just watched the remarkable How to Survive a Plague and was reminded of how far we have come in the fight against this 100% preventable epidemic and how far we still have to go. Washington, DC still has the highest rates of HIV in country. Our women, our poor, our communities of color, and our most marginalized neighbors are still living and fighting this plague — help them by keeping the conversation going.

All of you–every single one of you–should know your status by getting tested. If you live in DC– make sure your ANC commissioner, Council member, and mayor know that HIV has got to be a priority in the nation’s capitol.  If you don’t live here, help the people who make a difference here to continue the important work of educating young people so that one day we will see a generation without AIDS.  

Act Up. Fight Back. Fight AIDS.

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