Live Your Best Life

16 Sep

I babysit for two of the sweetest children alive, E & W. After looking forward to his 4th birthday for about 9 months, W had an existential crisis the night before the Big Day.

Mom, to W: Aren’t you so excited? Today is the last day you’ll be three–tomorrow you’ll be four!
W: But, Mom– I loved three! I’m going to miss three!
Mom: Four is going to be so great! And when you’re five you’ll go to kindergarten, and when you’re six you’ll learn to read, and by the time you’re seven you’ll be able to ride a two-wheeler all by yourself … which birthday do you think will be your favorite?
W: (crying) I think three was my favorite! And now it’s gone. I’m going to miss three!
thinks for a few seconds … Mom, you’re going to be 39 soon. Aren’t you going to miss 38?

Around birthday time, I think we all get a little nostalgic–I take solace in the fact that I haven’t had one year that wasn’t better than the last, at least not yet. Thanks to everyone who made 26 so fun- on to 27!

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