A Pretty Fig-Almond Tart

4 Sep

Welcome to the first week of the best month of the year: September! It can’t be long until QueijoKef and I initiate Operation EAPAAAT: Eat Any Pumpkin Available At Any Time!

Usually, I bring you a dish whose picture doesn’t quite do justice to its taste.  Today, we have the opposite. 

Doesn’t this Fig Frangipane tart look yummy? Yes, I thought so too when I saw this post on Tastespotting. 

But of course I couldn’t just leave well enough alone; I had to take a perfectly delicious-sounding recipe and make it gluten free and sugar free.  This usually works out quite well for me… and then came the frangipane.

We now have Chef Kefi Food Principle #4: when dealing with the French and their recipes, leave well enough alone.  What resulted from my tinkering (subbing GF flour and honey for the all-purpose flour and sugar) was a tart that LOOKED great (if I do say so myself) but whose flavor fell flat.  I am very positive if you follow the above link and make a full-flour, loaded with sugar, buttery treat you will get something that looks–and tastes–as Julia Child would have liked it.

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