Steamed Broccoli and Creamy Avo-Yogurt Sauce

25 May

College is not known for its culinary delights.  Late night pizza, over-greased dining-hall food, and all that beer-flavored water… not exactly the kind of place where a blossoming chef thrives.

Unless, of course, you lived with a Brit, a Brazilian, a Republican, a 16-year-old, a self-described “uh-oh Oreo Cashew” (I’m not even gonna break that down for you), and a rotating cast of semi-feral males from JetSet Kef’s apartment collectively known as “the boys.”  Between the lot of us, someone was always cooking something (well…most of us), and every now and again something good came out of our tiny, sticky-floored kitchen while “Holla Back Girl” blared from the stereo to drown out the smoke alarm that went off if we so much as opened a jar of hot sauce. 

Back then, I would bring back two things from the grocery store: broccoli and ingredients for dessert.  I ate some kind of steamed broccoli stir fry pretty much every day for four years (every day, that is, when I wasn’t busy eating pizza or the aforementioned desserts).  On the other side of the kitchen, my friend Christine (here after- Queijo Kef) would be making one of two things: vodka-infused gummy bears (terrible idea- do not try at home!) or some kind of creamy sauce.  Let me tell you: you’d be hard pressed to find that girl eating something that wasn’t topped with or accompanied by some kind of sour cream/yogurt/cream cheese/gratin sauce. Girl loves her some damn CREAM.

Queijo Kef, posing pre-party.

So, on the eve of my 5-year reunion (which I am very much not attending–if you were my friend in college and want to see me, you probably already know how to get in touch with me), I bring you the beautiful lovechild of Chef Kefi and Queijo Kef’s favorite things: steamed broccoli with a creamy, tangy avo-yogurt sauce.


–2 heads of broccoli, chopped
–1 avocado, sliced and shelled
–half of a Fage Greek yogurt 
–juice of half a lime

1. Steam broccoli. I do this by throwing about 1/8 c of water into the skillet with broccoli and cooking covered for about 4-5 minutes. You do you.
2. While the broccoli is steaming, Mix together lime juice and avocado, then yogurt. Stir vigorously and mash up the avo as much as possible.
3. Combine broccoli and sauce. Enjoy!

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