Greek Easter Run Down Part 1: Tsoureki, Honey-Cheese Pistachio Tart, And Beet Salad

19 Apr

This was the scene in my kitchen at about 3:30pm on Sunday:

By this point, I had been cooking for about 24 hours, my feet were swollen to the size of Pluto, and pretty much every usable inch of space of my kitchen was holding a plate full of food.  I had just gotten off the phone with JetSet Kef, who had had perfectly executed his Greek dinner feast, and the stress was building.

I’ll be the first to admit it–hosting things makes me a little crazy.  While I find cooking for others to be just about the most enjoyable task on the planet, the time between finishing cooking and serving guests is about as fun for me as waiting on line at the DMV.  The second the last dish comes out of the oven, every flaw in the meal becomes magnified in my head, and I get a little panicky– what if no one likes the food? what if no one has fun? what if no one even bothers to come?  I start picturing myself like Jan Brady the time that no one came to her birthday party– that b wasn’t even Greek!

The good news is, Greek Easter 2012 came off without much incident (that dumb friggin dog eating some of my pastitsio not withstanding).  The bad news is that I am still exhausted from the weekend so it’s taking me forever to get the recipes up.  Today, I link you to the dishes I made that are already on this blog:

Tsoureki, a bread that will                                              Quickly becoming my favorite dessert
 blow your hair back                                                              ever–Honey Goat Cheese Tart

                                          Beet and Yogurt salad–and no, I still haven’t
                                                     taken a better picture

One Response to “Greek Easter Run Down Part 1: Tsoureki, Honey-Cheese Pistachio Tart, And Beet Salad”


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