A Little Perspective

21 Mar

For the past six weeks, I have been preoccupied with this comprehensive exam I have to take at the end of the month for nursing school (eeeeeekkkk!).  Last night the studying reallllllly got to me and I was suffering break downs at the rate of one per practice question (go ahead–calculate the drip factor of that).  Poor BFKef tried to give me some perspective and I was NOT having it–a reality check is not what Chef Kefi wants when in the throes of test-related anxiety.

After I calmed down a bit, I had a little chat with myself that went something like this:

Normal Me: “Well, ChefKef. It could be worse.”
Crazy Me: “Listen here, wench–this ish is rock bottom.  I am going to fail this test, never become a nurse, and have to organize the card section at Target for the rest of my life.” (Editor’s Note: Seriously –imagine having to find the right envelope for ALL those cards!)
Normal Me: “Ok now you listen here–work.it.out…ain’t nobody gonna find this mess cute.”
Crazy Me: “But this test is so pointless– no one else is this whole world is wasting more energy on something so stupid.”

And THAT is when the seas parted and I thanked God for creating the hipster.  In my moment of need, I take solace that I have not spent my time on this*.

*I admit that I enjoyed watching this and do appreciate the creativity… but I maintain that I’d probably rather study for HESI for the rest of eternity than spend an afternoon on this.

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