Holy Moly: Chocolate-Banana "Nice" Cream

17 Feb

My fingers are still sticky from licking the bowl of this one: an “ice cream” with only three ingredients, no dairy, no bad fats, and about 1/1000 of the calories.  This is some damn crazy talk.  My brilliant cousin Joanna gave me the original idea, and I added chocolate and almond butter

Yes–that streak IS where I licked the bowl.

Before you start in on me about how someone whose New Year’s resolution involved eating kale cannot POSSIBLY know good ice cream, let me make one thing clear: although I enjoy healthy food, I LIVE for ice cream.  I keep a spoon in my car just so I can crack into some Chubby Hubby on the way home from the store and I’ve been known to plow through a gallon of Moose Tracks in a single day.  Once, BF Kef stared into my freezer for about 6 minutes, completely shocked that the two gallons of ice cream he had left there just three days ago were now nowhere to be found. 

(Wow- re-reading that paragraph makes me realize I am exactly one pint of mint chip away from being a guest on an upcoming Dr. Phil episode. The point is– I know my damn ice cream.) 

So, suffice to say I am thrilled to find a treat that is just as delicious as ice cream, without the pesky sugar, fat, and otherwise processed crap.  Plus, I can make this stuff without the checkout clerk giving me that look that says, “…wait, but weren’t you just here last night for a gallon of ice cream?”

 Chocolate-Banana “Nice” Cream


  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 1 TBS unsweetened coco powder (I used carob powder)
  • 1 TBS of your favorite nut butter (I used almond)


1. Put bananas in the food processor for 1-2 minutes.
2. Throw in the other two ingredients. 
3. Puree to desired consistency.

Yep, that’s really, really it.

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