Kefi from the Land of Nkrumah

9 Feb

The most frequently-asked question remains: what IS kefi?  Although I’m mildly offended that everyone I’ve ever met hasn’t been reading CuK from the beginning, I also appreciate the reminder that kefi is about more than food.

I felt that reminder loud and clear when I watched this video, which comes to me from my brilliant, beautiful, inspiring friend Pam (whose blog you should absolutely read).  I’ve watched it three times now and still can’t decide whether it is the song or the dance that makes me want to don a Jabberwocky mask and take to the streets of London with this blaring from my boombox. So- from my very dear friends in Ghana, who are second only to Greeks in the art of creating Kefi, I bring you the Azonto!

If you are not instantly happier, you did not have your computer speakers on.  Turn them up and try again.

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