Last Post Before the World Ends

31 Dec

If you’re reading this, it turns out that the Mayans, Nostradamus, and a major motion picture starring John Cusack were all wrong: the world has not ended.

This means it’s time to get down to business and begin again the work of re-building your life.  I know most of the reasonable world tells you that New Year’s Resolutions are a bad idea–but I’m a big fan of them.  Every good goal needs a start, and the New Year is as good a time as any.  That said–if you find yourself off the wagon by 21 January, know that every day is just as good as New Year’s Day to do something different.

So what does Chef Kefi resolve?  The following:

#1- I will bake my own dolmades, using my great Aunt Stella’s recipe.
#2- I will communicate about said dolmades with my great Aunt Stella–and I will do it in Greek! (Thank you, Rosetta Stone, for teaching me how to say “the young girl drinks”– it really came in handy when trying to wish my Greek family a Merry Christmas.)
#3- After three years of this being my home page, I will FINALLY attempt and conquer French macarons. 
#4- I will make my own applesauce, fruit rollups and YOGHURT (thanks, JetSet Kef!)
#5- I will eat more superfoods.  This means you can look forward to lots of recipes for kale, beets, berries, and acai!
#6- Oh- I will get a job and be an awesome nurse.

What are you guys resolving?

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    […] I want to talk about dolmades– they’ve been on my bucket list since the days we thought the world might end. There is a moment each year during The Big Greek Easter Grocery Shop that I stumble upon the […]

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