Where Kefi Began

1 Sep

So there we were.  Four Greek-Americans on the second family voyage back to the Motherland.  A few days earlier, we had celebrated the wedding of a dear cousin. Flash forward a few protests, strikes, and a 5 am flight and we were in Rhodos.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve reviewed your Greek mythology, I’ll remind you: Rhodos is named for the wife of Helios, the god who lit up the world each day by riding across the sky in the chariot of the sun.  You’ll find this in no mythology text, but I’ll put forward the theory that Helios felt bad for his wife (that kinda schedule must’ve made quality time tough to come by) and so he searched for the world’s most perfect island to give to her. And perfect it is.  Nestled in the eastern Aegean Sea (as much as a land mass that resulted from ancient volcanic activity can be nestled, I suppose), Rhodes is home to ancient castles, butterfly preserves, two spectacular old cities, and–most importantly–some delicious examples of Greek cuisine.

Back to Kefi.  We had been taking in the sun and sites during our first day in Lindos and had worked up quite the appetite.  We settled in to a great table at a great restaurant (whose name escapes me now…womp). The lighting was low, the wine was interesting and refreshing and the first round of mezze had just arrived at the table.  We looked around at one another, and my brother said, “THIS is kefi.”

From gogreece.about.com: “Kefi is a hard-to-translate word which has been described by various Greeks as meaning the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits, or frenzy. Kefi takes many forms. The custom of smashing plates is considered an expression of kefi, when the soul and body are overwhelmed with an exuberance that must find an outlet.”

So that’s what this blog is all about. Capturing the moments–both the sensory and the intangible–that make Greece, Greeks, and the descendents of a Spartan-cum-Jersey boy everything they are.  This blog will be just as much about food (Greek and not) as it is about the moments before, during, and after a meal that make it seem reasonable–no, required–to throw your plate against the wall and scream, “Opa!”


2 Responses to “Where Kefi Began”


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